Quality Underfloor Heating in Bromley

Underfloor heating systems employ water pipes or electric cables to heat your floors. The heat from the bottom subsequently heats the air in your room and provides you with cosy and warm rooms.

Underfloor Heating Bromley

Water vs Electric Underfloor Heating System

A water-based system, also called a wet system, involves installing a series of very thin water pipes underneath your floor. Hot water from your boiler passes through the pipes, and the pipes, in turn, heat the floor, which subsequently heats the room. The used water returns to your boiler. Wet systems can also cool your rooms during summer by passing cold water through the pipes.

On the other hand, electric or dry systems use electric cables to heat the floor and can only be used for heating. Underfloor heating installation in Bromley can provide a highly efficient way of heating your home at relatively lower energy costs. Contact us to get a quote for installing underfloor heating at your home.

Low-Cost and High Efficiency

Already Built vs New Build Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating installation is relatively easy and less expensive in new builds. The components can be installed when you are building your floors. As the system has to be installed underneath the floors, installation is more time-consuming in already-built homes.

Underfloor Heating Bromley
Underfloor Heating Bromley

Cost-Efficient in All Cases

However, the cost-benefit of installing underfloor heating systems is hard to ignore. Conventional heating systems, such as a central heating system, tend to leave cold spots in your room as it does not follow a bottom-to-top heating process. On the other hand, our underfloor heating Bromley systems heat the air first that is closest to the floor, ensuring uniform and even heating across the room. Heat retention is also higher than in traditional heating systems. When you turn off your underfloor heating system, you can expect your room to stay cosy and warm for hours. These properties make the underfloor heating system cost-efficient.

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Liquid Screed to Enhance Underfloor Heating Systems Efficiency

The efficiency of your underfloor heating systems can be enhanced further by using liquid screed. Liquid screed is a mixture of small aggregates that create a uniform layer on concrete surfaces and help fill any voids. It creates a very thin layer, leaving room for thicker insulation sheets.

The combination of liquid screed and underfloor heating system is ideal for increasing heating efficiency and minimising heat loss. The liquid screed also takes little time to cure and self-level.

Our underfloor heating specialists in Bromley optimally install underfloor heating systems and screed applications. We can provide you with comprehensive packages for applying liquid screed and installing underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor Heating Bromley
Underfloor Heating Bromley

Safer and Spacious Rooms with Underfloor Heating System

Central heating systems require the installation of radiators in all rooms where heating is needed. These radiators require space and turn hot when they are in use. The hot surfaces can harm children and the elderly.

On the contrary, the entire assembly of the underfloor heating system is concealed under the floor. You can say goodbye to the hassle of protecting your children and elderly from the hot surfaces of an exposed heating system, such as the radiators of a central heating system. You can also say goodbye to all that wasted space needed for radiator installation. With underfloor heating systems, you will save cost and space. You will also be able to create a safe place for your family.

Underfloor Heating Services in Bromley: Repairs & Maintenance

Whether you want underfloor heating repair in Bromley or a complete replacement of your system, you can count on our experts. Our underfloor heating systems are durable and reliable. They require little maintenance, but a periodic inspection of your heating system can prevent all future troubles.

Our experts can provide you with an annual inspection at highly affordable rates. If you face any issue with your heating system, such as inefficient or reduced heating, cold spots, or malfunction, you can call our experts for quick relief 24/7.

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