Underfloor Heating Services

We provide various services, including installing wet (water-based) and dry (electric) underfloor heating systems. In a wet system, a network of heating pipes is installed under your floor while hot water is supplied from your boiler for circulation in the pipes. Heat is exchanged between the hot pipes and your floor, making it warm and cosy. The cold water is recycled back to your boiler. Wet systems can also cool your floors by circulating cold water through the pipes during the summer. In electric systems, cables are installed under the floor instead of pipes. Electricity passes through the cables and generates heat which makes your floor warm. Our underfloor heating engineers can install both systems in your home or office so that you can enjoy warmth during the winter.

Easy to Install

If you are building a new home, Underfloor Heating Installation will be relatively easier than in an already built infrastructure because it will not involve pulling apart your flooring. Pipes or cables can be easily installed before the flooring is installed. In existing structures, the installation of underfloor heating will cost you more. However, considering the energy cost saving and the utility these systems provide in all seasons, it would still be beneficial. Hire the services of our Underfloor Heating Specialists for reliable installation and repair services.

Uniform Heating Across the Room

Traditional heating devices may provide warmth, but you will often find cold spots. Most conventional systems heat the air in your room. Heavier air settles down while cold air rises above, leaving cold spots in various locations. Underfloor heating employs several techniques first to heat your floor, which then radiates heat to the air above throughout the floor, resulting in uniform heating. Your room gets heated quickly and stays warm for hours after switching off the underfloor heating. Our underfloor heating installers will provide you with flawless installation to ensure no heat loss.

Underfloor Heating Services
Underfloor Heating Bromley

Energy Savings

As underfloor heating results in uniform heat distribution and is much quicker than traditional heating methods, it helps you save energy bills. With a central heating system, you may require multiple radiators, which will take a higher hot water supply, increasing your gas or electricity bill. The pipes in a wet system act as tubular heat exchangers. The pipes are narrow, but there are numerous of them, increasing the surface area and thus speeding up the heating process and saving your hot water consumption. Contact us to avail our underfloor heating services if you want to save your energy bills.

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Space Conservation

Space becomes a rarity with every passing day. Households do their best to conserve space as much as they can. Where underfloor heating helps you save energy costs, it also helps you in saving space. There is no need for radiators which can take up considerable space. Whereas the underfloor heating is invisible. Get in touch with our Underfloor Heating Specialists to ensure proper installation and operations of your underfloor heating system.

Safer and Cleaner

Radiators require space, are fitted right in your rooms, and are highly visible. While adults can understand the risk of touching a hot radiator, children cannot. They might accidentally touch the hot radiator or fall on it. Underfloor heating systems are completely concealed, and there is no chance of anyone getting hurt by them. They are also entirely eco-friendly and do not emit anything other than heat. You don’t have to worry about them getting covered in dust as they are installed under your floor.

Repair & General Maintenance

Our Underfloor Heating Specialists can also provide you with any repair services which your underfloor heating system may require. Although underfloor heating systems are highly durable and will last a lifetime, they may need repair/replacement services such as damaged or corroded pipes or leakages. The best way to avoid these problems is to hire our professionals for underfloor heating servicing. This will involve a thorough inspection of your heating system. Our engineers will perform general servicing and provide any repair/replacement services that may be required.

Underfloor Heating Services

Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Underfloor Heating

We can help you further improve the efficiency of your underfloor heating systems. This could be done by ensuring that your home is adequately insulated. If your roof, loft, and walls have adequate insulation, the effectiveness of your heating system will be enhanced, and you will save energy and money. Installation of liquid and dry screed under your floor can also substantially increase the effectiveness of underfloor heating systems.

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