Rear Extension Croydon

If you plan to improve your Croydon home and transform it to create more space, then the Rear Extension Croydon is the best suitable option. It can offer you extra space by utilising the back of your house and opening it up to the garden. The rear extension is the most suitable solution if your property does not have a side return or it's a terraced house. If you have a side return, you can still build a rare extension by combining it with your side return to maximise the space.

At GN Build LTD, we have years of experience in this field and a reputation for leading Rear Extension Builders in Croydon. We offer you the expert team as your guide, who will inform you about all the possibilities regarding the project and will work closely with you according to your specifications. Our team members are experts in their fields, and thus we guarantee you satisfying results as we do not leave anything on guesswork and perform our best to build your dream House Extensions in Croydon.

What to Consider for House Extensions in Croydon?

With years of experience in the industry, we can help you in planning, designing, construction and liaising with the council. We are here to guide you through every step and will keep every detail transparent. We understand that moving home can be expensive, but why go through all that stress when a cheaper one is available? Yes, House Extensions in Croydon is the more affordable option to have extra space and fulfil your space needs. So, get the rear extensions Croydon for your home. But, before starting the process, there are a few things you must be clear about; they are as follows;

Why are you Extending?

Sound Silly? Yes, it can, but it is the first and most important thing to know. The purpose of extending the house is necessary as it will offer you an image of the type of extension you want. A clear picture will not only help you save time but also cost. So, you should opt for the kind of extension that will suit your needs as you need an extra bedroom, office, kitchen or just storage space, and according to that, you can customise your extension and discuss it with our expert team.

Where Do You Want the Extension?

It is also another important decision to make because knowing whether you want a Rear Extension Croydon, side, front or a double story extension or whether your property allows such extension. All these can help in deciding the final factors of building an extension.

Rear Extension Ideas

Whether you live in a detached or semi-detached property, even in a ground-floor apartment, a terrace house or a period home, you can add extra space by building Rear Extension in Croydon. We have numerous different services. Most of our customers opt for rear extensions for extra space, especially when they want a house extension in Croydon. You can incorporate it for different plans, such as a rear extension containing a kitchen, dining area, or lounge, or make it just for one small room, depending on your need, as there is no space limit. It can completely transform your place.

Double Story Rare Extensions Croydon

If moving to another house is not an option for you, and you have a growing family, you may need a double-story rare extension. It will help you gain the extra space and required square footage. Whether you want a space for an additional bedroom or large open kitchen or want to create a dining area or study area, a double-storey rear house extension can offer you suitable extra space for all your needs. The plus point is that not even a complete house is required to build a double-story Rear Extensions Croydon. You can even add a double-story extension for a one-bed duplex flat. It all depends upon your need for the space and what you want to build there. Our team will explain the details to you and offer you the best reliable solutions with guaranteed results.

Single Story Rare Extension Croydon

It offers extra space for the ground floor and is typically cheaper than a double-story rear extension. Most people opt for this type of extension for kitchens as it creates a seamless flow into the garden and opens the back space of the property. As the expert Rear Extension Builders in Croydon, we offer extensions depending upon your and your property’s need. We use clever and useful designs such as light wells and skylights to add light and maintain aesthetic properties. We also add customised storage solutions. Whether you need a double-story or single-story rear extension, contact us for the most reliable House Extensions services in Croydon.