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We specialise in property refurbishment, extensions, loft conversions, kitchens, bathrooms and garden landscapes. With 12 years of experience and countless accomplished projects, we take immense delight in our workforce, embracing each project with the unique challenge it brings. We are certified, accredited, and insured, delivering construction services in South East London and East London. Keeping a keen eye for detail, we tend to the vast regions of Thamesmead, Beckton, Creekmouth, Loxford, Alder Walk, Wall End, and Dagenham, taking in an influx of happy clients within our circle. We harbour just the kind of experience, resources, and buying power to take up massive fit-outs and continuously strive for customer satisfaction and retention. Our services extend across the following dimensions:


Property Maintenance and Its Paramount Importance

In case you are confused about the difference between property maintenance and property management, it is worth noting that both vary significantly in functions. Property management involves finding tenants, and collecting rent and service charges. Property maintenance, on the other hand, involves completely different services on and around the premises, which might be rendered daily, weekly, or on an ad hoc basis; it constitutes the execution of cleaning, safety checks, and repairs, replacements and installation services to ensure that the building is fully functional and working under optimal conditions.  Property maintenance services vary widely depending on the kind of property – residential or commercial – and its size and function. 

As a property maintenance company, we take care of the following:

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Property Refurbishment Services – Fundamental for Your Needs

The property maintenance contractors can tell you how much the refurbishment services contribute to your property’s overall health and look. Below, we have discussed some significant reasons you should consider seeking a property maintenance company:

  • It helps accelerate the process of reparations or dealing with any issue at hand.
  • Landlords of big apartments or office blocks can rely on a trusted and expert property maintenance company that their tenants or clients can turn to in their time of need.
  • Having someone on-site that knows the building to the core enables quick detection of any potential problem and, thus, minimises risks, costs, and time associated with it.
  • Hiring separate contractors for each issue will substantially increase the cost in the long run.
Property Maintenance Services
Property Maintenance Services
  • It lends peace of mind to the landlord or owner because of the forecast planning and costing undertaken by the maintenance company.
  • The professional team saves the owner’s time and effort in reparations, refurbishments, and installations.
  • Commercial tenants will likely continue leasing if the employees, customers, and visitors frequenting that space are happy and enjoy being there.
  • Your property is more likely to be recommended if it is kept in good shape and health.
  • The residential property might enjoy an increase in the sale price or rent.

As a result, the continual, regular upkeep of your premises preserves and enhances the condition of your property. As a popular choice among other maintenance providers, we house an accredited, in-house team of construction experts and project managers that efficiently deliver from the planning phase to the completion stage and keep you updated on the costs incurred and work done. With open communication and transparent charges, we aim to build and sustain a trustworthy relationship with you. We only consider our job done once we are proud to place our label on it. 

Property Maintenance Costs

Taking care of your place and keeping it functional is easy with us. All you have to do is set aside some amount from your budget occasionally, leaving the rest to our team. However, your maintenance cost depends on several factors:

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