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We provide several construction services including House Extensions in Harrow. We are a one-stop service business which provides every service related to house extensions starting from planning to execution, seeking approvals to finishing your extension. We have a highly trained and qualified team of professionals. We are one of the most recognized House extension builders in Harrow and have completed countless house extensions to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are ranked among the best house extension builders in Harrow because of our dedication to quality services.

House Extensions Harrow

How House Extensions Can Benefit You?

House Extensions Harrow is a great way of adding space to your home in Harrow. What is even better is that this space is added without increasing the area of your home. House extensions involve bringing to use additional space or creating space in such a way that your house does not fall out of its boundaries. There are many benefits of carrying out a house extension. Such as

  • Additional space can come in handy if you have a large family or your family has grown in size.
  • Less costly than buying a bigger and new home.
  • Increases the estate and aesthetic value of your property. The aesthetic value and the real estate value of your house will increase.
  • The additional space can be used to set up new rooms or offices.
  • Permitted development rights have been relaxed by the government making extensions easier and more attractive.

Get the Type of Extension That Suits You the Best

For you to carry out a house extension, your house must meet certain pre-requisites. Our House Extension Builders Harrow will inspect your home thoroughly and advise you regarding the types of extensions you can carry out. The four most common types of house extensions in the UK are:

Rear House Extension:

Rear House Extensions Harrow is the simplest to carry out. They cost much less than any other type of extension. In most cases, they do not require planning permission. They also take less time to complete. They add substantial space to your home in the form of useful garden & kitchen space.

Side Return Extension:

These extensions make use of your sideway that runs across the side of your home. It is usually a dumpsite or storage space for wasted items or garbage. The side return extensions bring this waster area under your use. It is also simple to carry out and are quite affordable. This type of extension typically does not require planning permission approval.

Wrap-around Extension:

Wrap-around extension is a combination of the above two. We will be carrying out a side extension as well as a rear extension if you opt for this one. It adds considerable space which can be used for additional living area room, garden space, kitchen space, etc.

Single/Multiple Storey Extension:

This involves the addition of an entirely new floor or more. The new floor can be used for adding any room you want including bathrooms, kitchen, living room, etc. They are costlier than all other extensions and require more time. They mostly require planning permission approval.

Are Planning Permissions Necessary for All Kinds of House Extensions?


Although many house extensions will not require planning permission, they still will have to comply with some of the requirements. According to our house extension specialists Harrow team, some of the reasons why house extensions may require planning permission include:

  • The extension is larger than fifty percent of the area of your home.
  • The extension’s height is expected to be higher than the existing roof.
  • The extension’s front faces the highway or will be built in front of the main elevation.
  • A raised veranda, balcony, or platform is included.
  • It includes vent pipes for soil, flue, and chimney.
  • Alteration of your existing roof

Whatever the conditions or requirements are, you need not go through this hassle as our extension builders Harrow will take care of the application and approval process.

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Do You Always Need Building Regulations for House Extensions?

It should be noted that whether your house extensions require planning permission approval or not, they will require building regulations approval. Regardless of its size or type. It will be the responsibility of our home extension team Harrow to guide you in this regard and apply for approval.

What Makes Us the Best House Extension Builders in Harrow?

we are considered to be the market leaders for house extensions because we offer:

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