House Extensions Enfield

We are a reputable home extension and construction business in Enfield. We can assist you if you're searching for skilled house extension specialists in Enfield to take care of your home extension. We are well-organised home extension builders in Enfield. We collaborate closely with our clients on expansions of all shapes and sizes. Using our knowledge and abilities, we can effectively turn your designs into a wonderful new addition to your house that satisfies all of your needs and surpasses your expectations. Your house will gain more space and value from our high-quality extension. We are in a perfect position to accomplish your desired outcome since we have vast expertise working on expansion projects.

Considering a Home Extension

We are aware of the goals that our clients have in mind. Our team of professionals will collaborate with you to design and plan your house addition so that it meets all of your requirements. We are committed to giving you the ideal house extension constructed to the highest possible standards.

Professional and Knowledgeable

If you are looking for house extensions in Enfield, then we are the best choice for you since we have the expertise to manage all of your building needs, from concept to completion. GN Build LTD has the skills and knowledge required to manage residential and commercial construction projects of any size. We enjoy working on tough projects and complicated constructions, but no task is too big or too small for our house extension specialists in Enfield.

Reliable House Extensions Services in Enfield

Our team of professionals has a wide spectrum of expertise, which enables us to offer a coordinated framework for completing projects on schedule and within budget. Because of our professional attitude and commitment to attaining total client satisfaction, we have established a great reputation.

The Best Building Extensions Services

Patios Bromley
We strive to improve the homes and
lifestyles of our clients.
Patios Bromley

We only employ the greatest artisans and utilize the best materials to give you a home extension.

Patios Bromley
We provide transparent pricing structures and
a convenient payment method.
Patios Bromley
We provide a variety of home extension options that
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Why Choose GN Build LTD?


Once your ideas are in place, we’ll oversee your project all the way through to completion, eliminating the headache of the whole thing. Because of our knowledge and experience, we’ll operate on your project quickly and effectively to produce a high-quality outcome. We are able to prepare in advance and carry out meticulous preparation since we are in charge of every stage of your expansion project. Our House Extensions Enfield team will not compromise a good solution by taking shortcuts since we are devoted to excellence at every step of the process.

Proactive Approach

We use a proactive approach to decision-making that would not be feasible without ongoing project participation. We stand out as contractors because we offer:

Reasonable prices

Inspections while working

Years of experience

Customer fulfilment

Viability and Design

After the first discourse to determine your needs, we will offer sketch suggestions, engaging alongside you to meet your needs, with the aim of advancing your design as easily and swiftly as necessary to meet all set deadlines. The production of formal house extension drawings in Enfield, which typically include full layouts and elevation, will begin after the initial drawing ideas are accepted.

Supervision on Site

We provide an on-site supervision service. Every project is different. We are aware that every client and construction project calls for a different set of expertise. As a result, we take responsibility for supervising your project directly to ensure that every step of the procedure goes as planned.

Economical Prices

We guarantee reasonable prices for our clients. Our experts will make any type of home addition you want a reality with economical solutions. We always keep your budget and style choices in mind.

Extension Clearance

The size of your extension will determine whether or not it requires planning clearance. We can assist you if you’re planning to extend your property to include an open-concept kitchen or an extra room. We understand precisely how to get authorization for the layout you require because we have experience working on various home extension projects.

We Can Conduct Just About Every House Extension

In terms of construction and building services, GN Build LTD has developed a close relationship with the Enfield community. Our house extensions in Enfield speak for themselves. You can take comfort in the fact that our home extensions will last for a long time. If you require any more help, you can call us via email or phone. We are here for you 24 hours a day.