House Extension Builders in Croydon

Looking for a reliable house extension company in Croydon? Look no further. We provide house extensions and perform every step, from drawing out the initial extension plan to seeking planning permission/building regulations approval, to the final finishing of your house extension. Whether your house extensions require plumbing works or electrical works, our in-house team has every technician to provide the required services under one roof so that you do not have to look elsewhere for any utility work. Our House Extensions Croydon services are famous for service quality.

House Extensions Croydon

Which Type of House Extensions Do We Provide?

Our house extension specialists in Croydon can provide the four most common types of extensions which are mostly carried out in the UK and Europe. These include:

  • Rear Extensions
  • Side Return Extensions
  • Wrap-around Extensions
  • Single or Double-storey Extensions

House Extensions Have Unlimited Benefits

House extensions in Croydon can help you add substantial space to your existing home in Croydon. You can use this additional space for building different rooms according to your needs. Some of the benefits you can derive from house extensions are:

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Get the Extension That Suits You the Best

Your choice of house extension depends on several factors such as:

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Suitability of Your House for Extension

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Your Budget

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Building Regulations

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Planning Permission

Rear House Extensions Croydon

As the name suggests, this extension involves bringing to use the otherwise wasted rear space of your house. It is the easiest as well as the most affordable extension and gives you the chance to integrate your garden with your home. It lets you enjoy garden space as well as increase your kitchen space. They do not usually require any planning permission. We have highly experienced House Extension Builders Croydon and we will provide you with a rear extension that adds maximum space to your home.

Side Return House Extensions in Croydon

Your side alley, the part that runs across the side of your house, and which is usually a site for dumping garbage, is transformed into useful space under the side return extension. They do not require planning permission and are affordable compared to other types of extensions. They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and allow you to enjoy additional space without much hassle.

Wrap-around House Extensions in Croydon

Join the rear extension with a side return extension and you have a wrap-around extension. You get much double the space and an exterior with great aesthetic value. Wrap-around extensions also enhance the estate value of your property. They let you enjoy garden space, a much larger kitchen and living space, and even storage space. These extensions may require planning permission. They are one of the most common types of extensions carried out in the UK due to the value they provide.

Single/Multiple Storey House Extensions in Croydon

Add one floor, or multiple floors to your existing home and get an entirely new living space that you can use to build several rooms. You can even use the new floor to build a gym for yourself or a home-based office. These extensions are much more complicated than the rest and they require advanced skills to build. You must hire the best House Extension Builders Croydon for carrying out these extensions. These extensions also require planning permission and are costlier than all other types of extensions.

Hassle-Free and Stress-Free Services


House extension is not an ordinary task. It requires careful planning. Technical drawings have to be prepared. All utilities which need to be installed have to be identified. Raw materials have to be procured. Probably, the most difficult task is to seek planning permission and building approval. While planning permission may not be required for your extension, building approval has to be arranged in any case which in itself is a time taking task. However, with our qualified and highly experienced home extensions builders in Croydon, you will not have to go through the hassle and stress of receiving any approval as we will arrange it for you.

House Extensions Croydon can be a tedious and challenging task, however, hiring the right people will do the trick. Contact us for a site visit so we can analyse the building site. You can also get in touch with us online through our website.

House Extensions Croydon
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