Semi-Detached House Extensions: Benefits, Designs Ideas, and Regulations

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Semi-Detached House Extension

Home is not less than heaven for people. They live in it and love to renovate it in every possible manner to enhance their living experience. Semi-detached house extensions prove to be a great initiative in this regard. They are constructed with a variety of ideas and designs, and thus these extensions provide numerous benefits to the house. Let’s have a look at some creative ideas about Semi-detached house extensions and how they are beneficial for your home.

What are Semi-Detached House Extensions?

As indicated by the name, a semi-detached house is attached to a neighbouring house on only one side. As they are adjacent to another home, adding an extension to these homes becomes tricky. Consequently, constructing Semi-detached house extensions demands professional skills and vast updated knowledge. Once constructed, these extensions serve both purposes; appropriate utilization of extra space and value addition to the home. Whether you want to have a new bathroom or a small kitchen, these extensions can do this task aptly, giving you a comfortable living.

Convenient and Helpful Design Ideas about Semi-Detached House Extensions

There exists a wholesome variety of ideas about adding Semi-detached house extensions. You can choose anyone; you find suitable for your home. Here are some ideas that can be beneficial for your home.

  • Single Storey Extension

Single-storey extensions are probably the most common extensions that people love to have. By using extra space running along the attached wall of your house, you can build a nice single-storey extension. These extensions are comparatively easy to build and take less budget. Yet they duly fulfil their purpose. Single-storey extensions give a whole new look to your house. Adding these extensions to your home enhances the net value of your property. Moreover, you enjoy your accommodation more nicely than ever.

  • Double Storey Extension

Unlike single-storey extensions, these extensions demand more planning. It assists you to manage a greater number of individuals within the required area. Another astonishing feature about it is that the cost of double-storey extensions is quite comparable to single-storey extensions. If one assesses technically, then the cost per square meter of building a double-storey extension is quite reasonable as it helps get more living space.

When it comes to building extensions, you have multiple options:

  • First of all, you can avail of the additional available space that is running alongside your neighbour’s shared wall. This is what we call a side-turn extension. It offers a spacious look to your home right from the beginning of the house.
  • At times the structure of the house is designed in such a way that there isn’t any space available at the front side. In such cases, ideas for building extensions at the rear of the house seem no less than a blessing. Rear extensions provide a thoroughly different look to your home. Lastly, as the rears of houses are usually calm and peaceful locations, so adding rear extensions gives a more comfortable corner in the house.
  • Apart from this, wrap-around extensions are a new and different idea to occupy the total space within your house, whether at the front or at the rear. These extensions are a hybrid of side turn extensions and rear extensions. Possibly, these extensions are the most spacious ones that cater to the accommodation problem quite effectively.
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What are Semi-Detached House Extensions?
Extend to The Maximum Possible Limit

Extend to The Maximum Possible Limit

One significant and worth-considering feature about semi-detached house extensions is that you must occupy the whole space available. As it is the prime motive to build an extension. This is also aptly according to the rule of thumb. So, try your level best to make the extension as spacious as possible.

Let it be Properly Lit

A semi-detached house extension fulfils its due purpose when it’s properly lit. This gives a cosy and comfortable feeling when light rays penetrate through its windows. If someone loves to enjoy natural light, then it becomes even more relevant.

It Should be Easily Accessible

A semi-detached house extension without easy access does not fulfil its purpose of construction properly. That’s why the extension should be easily accessible, maintaining quick entrance and exit. It should be designed in a way that you find it effortless to access it. Once it is accessible, you can do your tasks swiftly without any hassle.

Consider the Colour

Painting your semi-detached house extension with the right colour makes you feel happy about your structure. You must choose the colour combination that suits fit with your house. Hence, your Semi-Detached House Extension appears to be a suitable part of your home that fits well with the whole building.

Try to Open it in Your Garden

Opening your extension in the garden could be a very refreshing experience. Whether it’s morning or night, not only do you breathe the natural breeze, but also you enjoy the aroma of flowers. So, if your extension would open up in the garden, it would be an amazing experience to live in it.

What are the Benefits of a Semi-Detached House Extension?

A semi-detached house extension is a worth considering option for adding value to your home. It is like a profitable investment that you can cash later upon. First of all, it allows you to avail more living space. You find it easier to manage your accommodation or other homely stuff once you get an extension constructed.

Secondly, an extension makes your property more attractive and charming. Whenever you would like to sell your house, this extension would be a lucky draw in providing you with a handsome amount.

Moreover, extensions eliminate the need of moving to a new house. If you are having a growing family and need more space for accommodation, then simply build an extension in your house. It will save you the cost and hassle of moving to a new location.

A nicely built extension reflects your personality, taste and sense of living. You can customize your Semi-Detached House Extensions according to your need and taste. Whatever design, pattern, or colour you want, you can go for it.

Lastly, having semi-detached house extensions let you enjoy a new living environment within the same building. You feel more relaxed and enjoy your time at your home in a better way.

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What are the Benefits of a Semi-Detached House Extension?

How much value do Semi-Detached House Extensions Add to Your Home?

Well, it depends on a number of factors like the material and finishing of the extension. Also, this value varies depending on the rate of the real estate market. However, you can expect a value addition of 20% if the extension has been built with all protocols.

Commonly Used Materials for Building Extensions

There are multiple options available when it comes to finding a suitable material for constructing an extension. What type of material you choose, depends on your need, budget, and preference.

  • Wood is the most common material that is widely used in the UK. You can opt for any quality of wood you can afford. Also, wood gives a nice look when polished with some enamel or coated with paint.
  • Other than wood, people usually like glass to build their extensions. This gives a clear, shiny, and decent look to your extension. You can also go for a combination of wood and glass to make it look more attractive.
  • People also choose blocks for doing with their house extensions. Not only they are readily available but also, they are cheap. When you are done with your extension via using blocks, you can coat it with your desired colour for a pleasant look.
  • Stones are also a very suitable and durable material for extensions. They look more appealing when your house is near a hilly area or park.

Cost of a Semi-Detached House Extensions

Again, the cost of adding an extension to your home varies with the type of extension you want. Selection of the material, final finishing, and fittings decide the cost of an extension. This cost can also change depending on the location of your house. Generally, you will have to bear an estimated amount within a range of £1,250 to £3,250 per meter square.

Legal Limit to Extend A Semi-Detached House?

When it comes to extending a semi-detached house, you can go as far as 3 meters. However, once you contact the relevant authorities and explain your issues to them, you can extend your house up to 6 meters.

How to Get Planning Permission for Semi-Detached Houses?

Getting planning permission can prove to be quite beneficial for your property. Yet it can be a tricky and tiresome process without proper guidance. Therefore, in order to deal with this permission, you can avail of the services of experts. They will help get planning permission with ease.

Building semi-detached house extension through permitted development

The criterion of permitted development changes with the type of extension you want for your home. It is different for both single-storey extensions and double-storey extensions. There are also some restrictions with a permitted development plan that you should mind before deciding about adding extensions to your home.