Comprehensive Guide to Detached Garage Conversion

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Detached Garage Conversion

Detached Garage Conversion Guide


Although you can’t directly access a detached garage from your home since it’s not directly connected to your house, you can use it for several purposes. You can transform it into a beautiful gym and use it as a home office workspace to supervise your business or use it if you’re considering starting a remote business or job. But you must know many things before putting your thoughts into reality. This guide teaches you everything you should know about detached garage conversion. Let’s learn!

Should I Convert my Garage?

According to research by RAC Home Insurance, only four out of ten people use the garage to fit their car in. All the others use the garage to store junk and turn their garage into a barn. If you’re one such user who has not been using the garage to store cars, you can check this post and convert your garage into something beautiful. For your information, converting the home garage into a usable workspace can increase your property’s value by almost 20% or more. 

Why Transform a Detached Garage?

A detached garage is separated from your house; therefore, you can transform and utilise it in several ways. There may be several reasons behind this project. Most of those reasons for transforming a detached garage are as follows:

Add Extra Space

The most apparent reason to redesign a detached is to use it as a workspace, sports room, or cinema. You can transform such a garage into an office where you can sit and supervise your business, do your daily chores, or work remotely for a company. Moreover, you can use this transformation to set up a gym inside, a playroom for your children, a filming room if you’re a content creator, or do your hobbies here, like painting or playing video games.

Increase Home Value

Another benefit or reason to convert a garage into a separate living is to increase the value of an existing property. Even if you don’t want to sell it but want the transformed garage to use, this transformation will increase the value for future buyers. Remember, this value will not be the same for everyone since it depends upon several factors like the locations, conditions of the garage, the work you have done in the garage, size, etc.

Create a Rental Property

In many cases, we have seen several house owners transforming a garage into an office or a small living area like a studio apartment and renting it to earn another income source. You can do the same thing with your garage and earn bucks, especially if you live in a major urban area. In such a case, small families, single people, and students would be your ideal clients. In short, you can use your transformed garage as a rental property.

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Planning Permission for Detached Garage Conversions

Planning Permission for Detached Garage Conversion

Planning permission is required when converting a detached garage into an office or residential accommodation. Although you won’t enlarge the garage size or do external modifications, it’s essential to talk to the planning authorities and inform them about your intentions of transformation plus take permission. On the other hand, you may not need to ask for permission if you’re transforming the house into a gym or playroom.

Cost of converting detached garage

Many people think that converting a detached garage into something else will cost you the same as the transformation of a garage attached to your home, but it’s not. Mostly, a detached garage is expensive to remake since it needs to install gas, electricity, water, and other facilities separately, which takes a lot of bucks.

Most of the time, the cost of converting a detached garage could be between £15,000 to £25,000, but this may also vary. This is because several factors are there that affect it to some extent. So let’s explore all possible factors that can supervise the expanses on converting a detached garage and have a better idea!

  1. Inflation: The first thing that affects the total expense of converting a detached garage is the current market cost of different materials you need and inflation. Suppose you purchase the required equipment from an area where things are affordable. In such a case, you will build your garage affordably.
  2. Garage Area: The next factor influencing the total cost of converting a garage is its total area. A garage with a larger size will cost you more to transform into a living room compared to one with a smaller size. However, it also has a better rental income if you want to build it to add to your rental property portfolios.
  3. Condition: The garage condition also influences the total cost of the transformation. A garage with damaged walls, floors, or roof will ultimately need more work to be done, increasing the overall cost. On the other hand, a garage in good condition will cost less. In short, consider the garage condition when estimating the price.
  4. Hardware: Suppose the door and windows you installed years ago in your garage are in a bad state. In such a case, the transformation would be incomplete without replacing that dusty door, window, and other stuff in the garage. You must also add the cost of hardware you need to install when transforming the garage.
  5. Appliances: The appliances you’ll need to install and complete the detached garage conversion also impact the total price. These include the heating system, air conditioner, fans, lighting, etc. Remember, you may take help from an expert plumber or technician to estimate the total price for installing appliances.