Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment Services

We are your Local Bathroom Contractors, providing comprehensive bathroom renovation and refurbishment services to households and commercial properties. Our in-house experts include architects, interior designers, electricians, plumbers, tilers, etc. We offer partial as well as complete renovation/refurbishment services and consider every job important regardless of its size. Our electricians are NICEIC certified, our heating engineers are gas-safe registered, and our plumbers are highly qualified. Contact us to avail yourself of our bathroom renovation services to give your bathrooms a new look. Some of the services included in bathroom renovation and refurbishment include:

Bathroom Renovation Services

Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment

While you may think that bathroom renovation and refurbishment are the same, the two have many differences. Renovation mostly applies to repair & replacement activities that are necessary to bring an existing bathroom into operation or improve its operations. The scope of the renovation may vary depending on the extent of damage or the replacements needed. For instance, replacing damaged or corroded piping is a renovation activity. Replacing faulty sanitary installations, including a broken bathtub, is also a renovation activity. The complete renovation will include resolving all issues your bathroom is facing. However, Bathroom Refurbishment can be considered closer to remodelling, i.e. changing the layout of your bathroom to make it more aesthetic, replacing your jacuzzi or bathtub with a more modern one, changing the colour theme of your bathroom, and other activities. The scale of refurbishment depends on your idea of a new bathroom.

Renovation for Facelifting

If you intend to sell your home and your bathrooms need a little make-up to make your home more attractive, we can provide you with minor renovations that aim to give your bathrooms an acceptable aesthetic value. These services are mostly needed when you have little time and expect customers to come to your home very soon. This may include retiling, painting, replacing visibly rusted sanitary installation and accessories, stopping water leakages, etc. You can rely on our bathroom fitters for a quick facelift for a very affordable Bathroom Renovation Cost in the shortest possible time.

Renovations That Last

If you intend to stay in your home for years to come and your bathrooms are old and require complete renovations, you can rely on the services of our expert bathroom fitters. From removing old flooring tiles to installing a new one, from replacing entire piping to installing sanitary wares, our bathroom fitters can handle any job. We can supply you with top-quality sanitary wares, piping, accessories, etc., you need. Our in-house electricians can provide a complete replacement of electric wiring, sockets, and accessories. Our plumbers can provide complete installation of piping, drainage, plumbing, and bathroom accessories. Our tilers can install your new tiles and make your bathrooms look exotic. This is where we have the edge over other companies. Our complete in-house team can provide you with the comprehensive services required for complete renovation/refurbishment. You will save yourself from hassle because you will not have to look for these tradesmen individually. Get in touch with us for highly reliable and Affordable Bathroom Renovations.

Bathroom Renovation Services
Bathroom Renovation Services

Complete or Partial Bathroom Refurbishment/ Remodeling:

Complete Bathroom Refurbishment may include activities like:

  • Designing your new layout with the help of our architects and interior designers. It is the most significant step in a complete refurbishment. You can look at our completed projects for ideas or share your own with our team.
  • Changing the layout, i.e. the position of your washbasin, bathtub, flush, etc.
  • Deciding your colour theme (paint, floor tiles, wall tiles, etc.) with the help of our interior designers.
  • Removing all existing installations, including tiles, sanitary wares, and other installations.
  • A complete inspection of your plumbing network and repair/replacement if required.
  • Installation of advanced and modern accessories, including heating systems, ventilation, towel racks, smart devices, etc.

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